Instructions for installing a livery for aircraft for FSX

In order not only to work with the standard livery, which flight simulator, but also with the Condor-VA livery to be able to fly there is the possibility of further livery in the Flight simulator. To start the process of embedding all steps are illustrated here using an example of explains the FSX (FS10):
1. Download the desired Livery
On our homepage we offer the possibility in Download area suitable Condor-VA Liveries for Free,- as well as Payware flyer to download. But this guide also works with any other Livery from AVSIM or In our For example, we download the Livery for the A321 standard for FSX from our homepage./span>



After clicking on the desired Livery it will be displayed in the folder we have chosen on the hard disk and we you will find the Livery now as a zipped file.



So we will open this zip folder and see, that it contains the directory texture.cfg and the file aircraft.cfg are located.



To be able to use a Livery in the simulator you now have to the folder Texture.cfg into the aircraft folder for the selected aircraft can be copied in FSX. In our case the A321 standard FSX.


Where are the Aircrafts in FSX? Different to FS9 they are now in the folder:

*:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes to find.

The * stands for the drive on which you have installed FSX.



2. adding the Livery to the aircraft directory


Now we open the file aircraft.cfg which is located in the downloaded zip file and copy the part of the zip file in the lower part of the Image outlined in red is in the cache and close the file again.



Then we open the File aircraft.cfg located in the Aircraft folder of FSX

            *:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\Airbus_A321\aircraft.cfg

and add the content from the clipboard directly below the topmost entry.

Picture below.



Now all other entries must be replaced with the entries specified with [fltsim.number]. must be changed in logical order. That is, [fltsim.0], [fltsim.1], [fltsim.2], etc. In this order the Flier later displayed in FSX.
We now start FSX and click on Change current aircraft. At the now displayed picture we make a check mark at "All variants show" and can now select our plane with our livery



This would be the "installation" of a new Livery ...locked. The flight simulator should be closed for installation and then restarted. The new machine is now located in the aircraft selection of FSX.

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