Instructions for installing a Livery for aircraft for FS9

In order to be able to fly not only with the standard aircrafts that come with the flight simulator but also with add-on aircrafts, there is the possibility to integrate further aircrafts into the flight simulator. To illustrate the process of integration, all steps are explained here using an example for FS2004 (FS9):
  1. Download the desired aircraft
For our Condor fleet there are also very good free-ware in addition to the providers of pay-ware aircraft. The two most important providers are: and, as well as and and our homepage. We opt for an A320 in Condorlivery from IFDG:

After clicking on the desired aircraft in the corresponding Livery, the aircraft is downloaded and we find a zip folder on our hard disk

So we will open this folder and see what is inside. In order to use an aircraft in the simulator, each aircraft folder must contain certain subfolders with content. If there are no subfolders, the aircraft cannot be used correctly. These folders are called:
  • Model / *.mdl, *.cfg

  • Panel / panel.cfg

  • Sound / sound.cfg

  • Texture / Texturen
furthermore there must be an Aircraft.cfg and a *.air file in the main folder of the aircraft. With our example we see that all requirements are fulfilled

In addition, the folder contains further folders containing the effects for the aircraft and readme's in several languages.
  1. Inserting the aircraft into the flight simulator

All aircraft that can be used in the simulator must be located in the aircraft folder of the flight simulator, otherwise they will not be displayed later in the aircraft selection. So we copy the whole folder into the aircraft folder of FS9.

If we started the flight simulator now, we could already make a test flight with the new aircraft. However, some effects would not work yet, because we have to "activate" them first. We do this by copying the content of the "effects" folder in the aircraft folder and putting it into the "effects" folder of the simulator

This would complete the "installation" of a new aircraft. If there is another subfolder in the folder, the content of the folder "Effects" has to be copied into the corresponding folder of the Flight Simulator (e.g. sound files etc.). For installation, Flightsimulator should be closed and then restarted. The new aircraft is now in the aircraft selection of FS9.

Happy Landings

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