How to install a scenery for FS9

Explanation based on an additional scenery for Marseille for FS9 (FS2004)

Installation einer Szenerie

1. download any scenery

Sceneries are available on several pages. Either directly with the designer or on or

2. unpack the folder into any directory

3. create a folder with an arbitrary name in the "Addon Scenery" folder of Flightsimulator. For later changes it makes sense to use the name of the scenery (e.g.: LFML)

4. copy the content of the unzipped folder into the previously created folder of the in "Addon Scenery

The scenery folder must contain 2 subfolders named "Scenery" and "Texture". Furthermore there can also be a "Scenery.dat" in the download folder, which must also be copied into the folder of the new scenery.

5. register the scenery in the scenery library

After starting the flight simulator select "Settings" on the left side and click on "Scenery library" at the submenu item "Scenery". 6. click on "Add Scenery" and in the folder "Addon Scenery" search and select the new folder you created before Then confirm with "OK

7. the scenery now appears in the scenery library The priority of a scenery in the library is not so important, it must not be registered with a lower priority than the standard sceneries. (So it is best to always register the new sceneries with the highest priority)

Make sure that "activate" has a check mark.

8. close scenery library with "OK" and restart flight simulator

9. Viel Spaß mit der neuen Szenerie!

Furthermore, the download package may also contain AFCAD files, which must be installed separately.

Installation of AFCAD files

AFCAD files are used to adapt the AI traffic to the new scenery, since add-on sceneries rarely fit the original scenery exactly. So the airplanes drive on the taxiways, stands and runways of the "old" scenery, but you can see the new one. To fix this problem, you can install AFCAD files.

1. download the AFCAD file for the desired airport

2. copy the *AF2.bgl into the Scenery folder of the flight simulator

3. installation completed

Happy Landings

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