Godfather program

This program has been executed from the beginning, in the Condor-VA. There were not soooo many pilots and so the staff could take care of every pilot who joined the VA. The "newbie" is hereby introduced to online flying.
Many of the old ivao.aero members were also registered as pilots with the Condor-VA. Together with them we met at an airport and practiced online flying with ATC. This had proved so successful, that after more and more pilots came to the VA, the staff could no longer cope with the rush and thirst for knowledge of the new pilots alone. What could be more obvious than to take the "OLD PILOTS" on board. Thus the godfather program was born!

We think that this has proven itself until today and brings more to every new pilot, like all the instructions etc. from the net. Of course we also organize so-called training evenings, but there were and will always be pilots who participate, but due to their alleged "ignorance" do not dare to ask questions, because they are afraid of embarrassment. BUT THIS IS NOT SO! Everyone, even if they have several thousand hours online at ivao.aero or other networks, started out small!
What does this mean for you as a new Condor-VA-Pilot?
We want to make this possible for you too!
If you also want to have your personal "godfather", just register here:

We are still looking for "godfathers" for our program
You enjoy teaching other people?
You have at least the rank of "First Officer" and fly regularly for the Condor-VA?
And if you think you are fit enough to help others, then please register: